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What is Earth Challenge?

A Global Network for Environmental Challenges and Solutions.

A Bold and Pioneering Project, EarthChallenge is focused on creating, managing and distributing niche Impact programs using gamification, transparency and technology to engaging, align and incentive users to solve challenging problems with workable solutions.


Restore Balance to the Environment and Peace to Our Planet
Create a Global Community for Planet Earth
Energetic Drivers


Environmental Awareness

Bring awareness around our impact on the environment

Future Generations

Building a healthier, happier and smarter world for generations to come


Creating clarity and opportunity around sustainable development


Embracing blockchain and technology to build trust in a new ecosystem


Develop a long-lasting relationship with our one Earth.

A Global Community With a Purpose

Earth Challenge brings individuals, organizations, and ideas together to identify, invest in and implement the best solutions to the challenges we face.

Built as a system for the common good, the platform provides a range of ways for people around the world to connect, contribute, and collaborate towards a green economy and thriving communities.

Our Top Challenges

We’re building a community-driven platform for decentralized games where players enjoy the freedom of true digital ownership, open economies, provable fairness, privacy, and the ability to earn real-world value through play.

Carbon Challenge, Fish Challenge, Green Challenge, Farm Challenge, Fruit Challenge, Nature Challenge, Garden Challenge, Reef Challenge, Bird hallenge, Marine Challenge,

Anyone Can Participate & Inspire Change

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