About Earthchallenge

The ultimate autonomous game to plan, challenge and pledge while helping save Earth.


The amount of resources and supplies needed to maintain an optimal value proposition to our customers, our operations and our environment.


We have both an incinerator and a compactor to maximize the size and usage of our waste footprint. We plan on creating an energy redistribution systems including energy systems with our EnergyStorage.com asset, Food Systems and waste systems.


Separating all remaining cardboard, plastics other recycling options used on board.

Our Product & Services

Are focused around earth friendly humans that enjoy the water, scuba diving, outdoors and live for experiences and work/life balance. Creating mini impact eCosystems in a unique setting on the Sea will be used for entry into various markets and companies by targeting the top professionals of each Industry and establishing key technology and URL distribution channels using the unique product and service offering.

Execution Plan and Strategy

Transparency- All transactions and developments available to token holders
VNOC operating system for investors, merchants, customers, providers- Tool Sets
Value Measurement
Expense Management
Ecosystem Maintenance
Contrib Model


The team has the experience and hustle to make the venture successful from productions, management, marketing to execute with other unique assets and companies. Earth Challenge is lead by Global Ventures- Profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/globalventures/