Our sales and marketing strategy is to engage like minded professionals, productions companies, top industry advocates, known environment oracles and gamification influencers using our software program. Video distribution will be targeted across HGTV- caribbean life, house hunters international, tiny living, CNBC- Crypto Trader, YouTube and Niche outdoor related cable ads. Retargeting across our internal contact lists, programmatic ad buying using our BidTellect AI program and distribution across Facebook, Google, Bing and others. Our core short and long term strategy will create a word of mouth and Referrals program that uses AI with our profile matching applications.

Set up referral Program- Agents, Convention Producers
PR/Content Marketing
Travel Agents and Consultants
Influencer Networks, i.e. Summit, etc.
KeyWord Engagement with referral program, i.e. charter, scuba,,
Keyword URL Lists- Ocean, Earth, etc.

Our sales strategy will be to engage the current like minded organizations and establish a referral program and equity distribution agreement within the smart entities to engage leadership within each industry. Our onboarding and storyboarding will focus on making it easy to engage around Get Involved (Join now), Give to the Cause (donate) Spread the word (Social Suite)

Revenues - Services, Token Sale, Investors, Sponsorships

Purchasing the vessel will give Earth Challenge the opportunity to leverage equity in a hard asset and give it the first platform of many to execute its gamification production strategy. The world leading EarthChallenge assets like,, and others will be an additional digital asset strategy to compliment the investment opportunity.

15 total weekly Sessions with 50 people/ $2,500/week = $1,500,000.

On average, 50 guests (25 Beds/Rooms)- 72 capacity with 2x/bed. Total Weekly 50 persons events at $2500 person. 15 events year one ($1,500,000), 30 events year 2 ($3,500,000), 40 events year 3 ($4,400,000). We anticipate by adding the scuba/fishing/exploration component will add additional profit generating, experience driven value to the organization.

Conferences- The product is for smaller, unique and more intimate gathering of like minded/industry professionals on a 4 star, self sustainable floating platform in the beautiful key west. With a capacity to host 60 customers and 15 staff, we believe the product and pricing is a compelling value compared to other options. Creating small, unique curated list of members targeting each specific industry. Our sales approach will be the value created from professional run and smaller gathering events that are powerful in both business development as well as productivity with team gatherings.

15 events for 5 nights with up to 50 people (can expand to 80).
Hackathon, Cannabis, Crypto, Domain/URL, Code-Tech
FinTech, Construction, Real Estate, Banking/Finance, Adult, Yoga/Health, Education, Entrepreneur, Travel, Culinary, Marine/RV, Media-Entertainment- Film
12 Months Revenues
1st year-- $1,500,000, 0 profits
2nd year.. $3,000,000 revenues, $0 profit
3rd year Revenues. $4,000,000- $1 m profit
4th Year Revenues- $8,000,000- $3 m profit

Time Frame

Oct- Contracts Signed- Start Funding Round
November- Purchase Vessel and drydock for painting/repairs
December- Install Wind/Turbine/Storage/Comm Systems
Jan- Hire and Test crew and build Challenges for Betting.
Feb- Open for Business

Operations - 10 Full time

2-Lead Technical Integration- Operations, Solar/Wind systems Installed, Fan Install (garden and incinerator, satellite system, garden system, Comm and Security Systems.
LEAD Mechanic- Generators, Granes, A/C, Pumps, Any machine
2-Renovations Specialist- Drywall, Vent installation, Caulking/Painting
1- General Labor, Moving/Cleaning/etc.
(2) Chef/Kitchen Management
(2) House Care/Cleaning/Kitchen Support
1- Equipment and Systems Management
1- Operations- Garden/Supply/Documentation
(2) Services- Marine/Painting/Supplies/Misc.
1- Sales/marketing coordinator


1x Expenses
Transport Fees--- $50,000
Painting--- $30,000
Install 25 kw solar panels--- $105,000
Install (2) 20 Kw Wind Turbines--- $100,000
Install 1 Lithium Energy storage System 150kw--- $175,000
AC/DC converter--- $50,000
Top Deck into Offices--- $150,000
LED Lighting- Exterior Flood Light, Hallway Lights, etc.--- $10,000
Bottom Deck with Hydroponic Garden--- $100,000
Install Connectivity Systems--- $20,000
All Equipment in Operations--- $20,000
Equipment/Furniture--- $70,000
Purchase-1 Support Boat-Dive--- $100,000
Misc/Stockage/labor--- $130,000
Insurance--- $60,000
Systems Overhaul--- $30,000
Camera/Security Systems--- $20,000
Mechanical engineer--- $20,000
Permits/Flag--- $20,000
Misc.--- $240,000
1x Startup Expenses--- $1,500,000
1 Year Operating Expenses--- $1,500,000
Purchase Deposit--- $2,000,000

Total Startup expenses-1 years--- $5,000,000

12 month Expenses.
Stocking- Food, Supplies, etc.--- $200,000
Gas- 42,000/Diesel--- $150,000
Marketing--- $100,000
Insurance--- $50,000
Labor- 10 persons at $40,000/month--- $250,000
Registration/Title--- $20,000
Interest Payment--- $120,000
Dockage/Towing--- $100,000
Connectivity--- $40,000
Transportation--- $100,000
Equipment/Materials--- $120,000
Misc.--- $250,000

Total Expenses for 12 months at Sea--- $1,500,000


Earth Ventures, LLC, including its 100 plus premium URL’s is raising $4 million at a $10 million valuation. The 40% offering of its blockchain based smart equity (eShares) at $10 share will be fully transparent to token holders. Proceeds will be used for the extended development of Earth Challenge gamification platform along with purchase and upgrade the vessel (wind/solar/garden/Connectivity), Staffing, marketing and operations of the venture for 2 years. We should be fully sustainable, financially and operationally, by end of year two as both garden and food production and management, energy optimization, equipment and vessel management, sales revenue and connectivity upgrades will be completed. 2% of Venture entities using the eshares cap table platform will be pledged, onchain and transparently into pledges such as Helping Hand,,, and local programs like the Marine Sanctuary and Dept of Marine Resources.

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